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Expand your trading education with our LITE training subscription. With this subscription, you will have access to a training course for one of our strategies, as well as have access to our insights and real-life scenarios and reviews, so you can not only learn the ropes, but also see how you can begin your trading journey with expertise and knowledge from experienced traders.


Expand your trading knowledge with LFX LITE for £75 per month

Learn a strategy, and how to apply it in real life trading

Our LITE subscription is a 12-month journey to expand your knowledge of trading and give you a proper introduction to becoming a trader – helping you achieve your financial goals, whether it be planning for your retirement or to add an additional income stream.

The FX LITE online training course will give you knowledge of one tried-and-tested trading strategy, as well as give you access to our insights, charts, and reviews of trading that we do in real life situations, allowing you to go forward with confidence as you look to build your trading credentials.

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