become a trader, and be part of our growing trading community

LIONHEART FX was conceived from our experiences of learning how to trade FOREX and financial markets.

The ethos of the business is to provide a transparent, safe, informative education process to help people take control of their own lifestyle choice by realising methods to increase their own wealth and prosperity.

Our experiences have taken us on a journey which has taken several years to discover that there are many strategies, opinions, methods and indicators that are unnecessary and confusing.

Trading the financial markets is a risk and needs to be approached seriously and professionally. Our approach is to understand why an instrument will move before making a trading decision.

How we’re different from other educators

Traditionally many educators persistently confuse the new trader into purchasing further education or further systems in the hopes of finding the ‘holy grail’.

There is no such thing as perfect and you will take losses. This is part and parcel of trading and should be understood before being involved in trading the markets. We differ from other educators by offering our clients a chance to be part of a growing business. 

LION’S SHARE offers our clients an opportunity to benefit from the business growth. As more traders join, the more can be shared. Once a LION’S SHARE is issued you have this for life and can be sold back to the company or other LION’S SHARE holders based on the company share value.

Jon Kibbler

I left secondary school with no real direction, I had studied photography to a high level however I felt that the industry was saturated and anyone with a camera could take decent photos for a living. I decided to work for my dad’s small construction company working on site labouring. After many months of work, I realised labouring wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I had a small interest in penny stocks and the financial markets and found the FOREX markets after researching online.

I took the typical retail trader route spending thousands of pounds with a large education company in London. This company wasn’t really interested in making people profitable. However, the company offered mentorship with a trader and I was very fortunate to meet a real trader who advised me and gave me a blueprint to be successful.

After taking time to educate myself I started to trade live successfully. What the industry fails to teach is how hard the journey is and that it takes persistence and consistency to succeed.

This has led me to becoming the head currency analyst for Blueberry Markets as well as being featured on and Forex Analytix.

Rob Kibbler

I started out my working life as an electrical apprentice and qualified after 3 years of training. A further 2 years of on site supervision led to me becoming an approved electrician for many years.

I eventually became an employer in the refurbishment industry but found I was always risking a lot for very little gain over a yearly basis. There were highs and lows and seasonal busy times and very quiet times. 

I was looking for something that could give me a constant source of income without the stress and physical demand now I am getting older.

Trading came about from visiting a free seminar which my son and I attended and became instantaneously hooked. After a lot of trial and error, paying for various poor courses and prop accounts, trying all the indicators, and losing money before regaining it in the markets, I’m now more knowledgeable, and want to pass that on to other people to help them kickstart their trading futures.

Now I am part of a business that is transparent, doesn’t promise to make you rich overnight, has an honourable ethos and wants to help others to achieve the best for themselves and their families.