Currency Strength Meter: 26th July

Currency Strength Meter: 26th July Become a member The currency strength meter shows us that the JPY is the strongest currency however it is in a reversal zone and with the recent rally in the stock market we could see the JPY start to weaken. The USD also remains high on the strength meter however […]

Currency Strength Meter: 5th July

Currency Strength Meter: 5th July Strength Meter and Strength & Weakness Table The currency strength meter shows us that the USD and JPY have been the strongest currencies on the strength meter. The CHF was the worst performing currency alongside the AUD. However, the USD and AUD are in reversal zones and considering the seasonal […]


‘90% of traders lose 90% of their capital within 90 days’ This statistic is commonly used and you’ve probably heard it all before however, it is true! The problem is people entering the FOREX markets expect to earn lots of money very quickly without understanding WHY currencies move in the first place. And that’s not […]

Forex Market Outlook 17th Feb 2020

Check out our latest video where we discuss the recent changes to the major currencies and the currency pairs to watch for the week ahead. Follow the link to learn more…


In our latest YouTube video, we discuss the potential set ups in the Forex markets this week as well as a EURUSD long opportunity. The weekly timeframe closed bullish on EURUSD suggesting we could see a further rally this week. The hourly averages have crossed and the price is currently re-testing 4hr highs where we […]


In this video update, we discuss the potential for EURCHF to move higher after the daily timeframe found support at the key weekly level. The bullish engulfing candle on the daily timeframe suggests we could see a retracement on that timeframe. Follow the link above to learn how we entered the market and why…


NZDJPY is on our watchlist again this week after the market risk-off sentiment continued. The recent outbreak of the coronavirus has seen investors rush to safe-havens with JPY benefitting. Looking at the 4hr timeframe we can see the price is finding support at the key 7135.00 zones. If the price bounces here we can expect […]


Earlier in the week, we spoke of shorting the NZDJPY and why we are doing so. Check out the YouTube video above for the breakdown… Not only did we short the market Tuesday we did so again today in line with our strategy. This was due to our overall analysis and a bigger picture of […]